We have broad experience covering a wide range of experimental approaches, study designs, and research fields. We offer experimental design, data analytics, scientific writing, and customized training and teaching.

Experimental Design

The success of a scientific project critically depends on the design of the experiments. This does not only require a good understanding of the study system, but also the technologies employed (e.g., various omics techniques or HPLC measurements). We can help with experimental design and power analysis for small lab as well as large field experiments.

Data Analytics

We employ techniques from classical statistics, mathematical modelling, and machine learning to turn data into insights. We use widely adopted open-source software packages for the implementation of our analytics. Whenever needed, we can develop new packages (R), implement novel algorithms (R, Python, C++), or write workflows for distributed computing on cloud infrastructures. To ensure reproducibility, we keep track of our analytics by documenting each and every step. Our core expertise are omics data (e.g., RNA-Seq, BS-Seq, ChIP-Seq, 16SRNA/ITS-Seq, 4C, HiC, reduced representation sequencing) and data from field experiments (plant traits, soil characteristics, plant metabolites, traits extracted from imaging data).

Scientific Writing

Data analytics are tightly connected to scientific communication: manuscript and project proposal writing, internal reporting, and content for conference presentation. We manage entire projects from data to the final publication or provide publication-ready content derived from our data analytics.

Training and Teaching

Many fields in life-sciences experienced a rapid digitalization. This requires a realistic, flexible, and swift adaptation of analytical skills. For example, molecular biologists should not aim to become experts in biostatistics and bioinformatics within a short 1-2 years time-line, in parallel to their daily research and experimental workload. Instead, with a carefully focused and tailored training and education, experts in biology can acquire thorough basic skills that allow them to independently and correctly perform analytics at their level. Furthermore, such skills promote efficient communication with bioinformaticians, converging in an overall better analytics that benefits from collaborative work of mixed expertise. We offer one-on-one or small group teaching and hands-on training in specific aspects of programming and data analytics.

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Dr. Marc W. Schmid

Marc founded the company in September 2017 and worked ever since for projects from various research groups and companies around the globe.

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Dr. Michele Wyler

Michele joined in 2020 and has worked on various projects. He now works at the Institute for Virology and Immunology in Bern.

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Prof. emer. Dr. Bernhard Schmid

Bernhard is our statistics advisor since 2017. He now also offers teaching and consulting services (experimental design, statistics, and proposal writing).

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